The Wisest Poem Ever

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“The Wisest Poem Ever”

The wisest poem ever
Was written by my daughter
Although I’ve never known her
To be much of a scholar.

She’s only five years old now,
But wise beyond her years.
My daughter wrote a poem
That moved me into tears.

She scribbled down her feelings;
A napkin was her scroll;
A purple crayon her feather
Transcribing all her soul.

I’ve read a bunch of sonnets
And other poems too,
By Whitman, Frost, and Shakespeare
And Maya Angelou.

But not a single poem
Has ever moved me more
Than words my daughter scribbled
Cross-legged on the floor.

She handed me the napkin,
Looked up at me and said,
“I wrote a little poem!”
Then watched me as I read.

Although it is a short one,
I hope you will agree…
The wisest poem ever:

wisest poem ever








~The Unknown

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