What is "Spirituality?"

what is spirituality ask

“What is Spirituality?”

The word “spiritual” carries wildly different connotations depending on whom you ask.

To me, spirituality means admitting that there’s more to this life/universe/reality than you or any human being could possibly understand. It means you’re able to soak in the joyful wonder of recognizing something greater than yourself, whatever that something may be.

In simpler terms:

“Spirituality” means that you don’t know, but you’re enjoying the search.

Unfortunately, the word “spiritual” carries a lot of baggage, and that’s a shame, because every human being on earth should be able to recognize and explore the mystery of their own existence.

My ultimate dream is that one day human beings can come together as a species — regardless of race, age, country, creed, or religion — and stand together, united by our shared recognition of one ultimate, universal truth:

None of us know what the fuck is going on.

So let’s be joyful while we figure it out. 🙂

~ JJ Bitters

what is spirituality

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