Three Words - A Poem to Move the World


“Three Words to Move the World” by JJ Bitters

Three words gave birth to mankind.
Three words we can barely define.
Three simple words:
“Who Am I?”

Every day
Seven billion people ask themselves this.
Every day
And we haven’t even reached a general consensus
Of who we are
Or what we have the potential to be.
This is the blessing, the burden, and the curse of humanity:
Free will.
The power to choose
Who you want to be.

It starts with a decision,
So stop wishing.
Stop conforming to someone else’s vision.
Learn to ignore ignorance.
To the voice in your head that says,
“You are more than how THEY define you.”
So don’t let their words confine you
To a simple, reductive stereotype
You are more than a shade of black or white.
You are not defined by your weight or your height.

Forget every label that exists in your mind.
Forget your sexuality.
Forget your astrological sign.
Forget intelligence, politics, gender, and age.
Even a single word can imprison you within a cage,
So don’t be a slave
To any limited definition.
Believe it or not,
You are more than your religion.

You are more than what any label could express
You are the sum of experiences far too complex
For anyone, even yourself, to understand.
The truth about you?
There is no truth.
You decide
“Who I am.”

You are what you decide to be
And I am what you find in me.
But together,
We can be anything
If we both agree
So let’s agree on the best possible truth:
“Who Am I?”
I Am You.

If that’s true,
You are me.
There is no “they.”
Only “we.”
The finite parts of infinity.
The beating heart of humanity.
You and me.

We’re all in this life together.

There’s no such thing as someone else
If I help you, I help myself
And if we both believe
In this simple resolution
We can move the world.
We can be a revolution.
We’ll take these three words,
And answer them with two:

“We are…”
The rest is up to

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Ted Daniels
Ted Daniels
3 years ago

Wrong question. Wondering “who” you are is just a rerun of the ego trip. The valid question is “What am I?”