These are the Rules of the blog, but they’re also my Rules for life. Any suggestions? Send ’em my way!

The Prime Directive I will not interfere with the beliefs of people, cultures, and civilizations.

Yes, I’m borrowing this from Star Trek, but it’s a damn good rule! From now on, I’m my own Enterprise, but instead of exploring the outer galaxy, I’m exploring the inner Self.

I don’t know enough to meddle in anyone else’s life. It takes enough energy understanding me. I’ve learned some things, and they may be valuable to you, but that’s for YOU to decide. My job is to share what I’ve learned. Not impose it on others.

This doesn’t mean I’ll live in a bubble. If someone asks me a question, I’ll answer honestly. I may even offer suggestions, but I’ll never claim those suggestions as truth. 

My monthly mission: explore new ideas, express the mystery of existence, and experience harmony along the way.

Rule #2:  When I desire change in the world, I will create it within myself.

I’d love for every human being to live a joyful, loving life. 

But I’m one of us. If all 7 billion of us became loving and joyful tomorrow except me, I’d sabotage my own wish.

There’s a lot of lives on earth, but I only have control over this one. I’m a tiny crumb on a very large pie. Still, I can’t blame anyone for not being joyful if I myself am unable to be so.

To know what’s possible, I must first prove it’s possible within myself.

Rule #3:  Focus on a single question every month.

If there’s one thing that unites every human being on earth, it’s this:

We don’t know everything.

We could fill the planet with 7 billion Einsteins, Hawkings, and Newtons and give them a million years, but in the end, they’re still going to have an endless amount of unanswered questions. The Unknown is the closest thing to infinity.

I could ask questions until the end of time, but I don’t know if I have that long. Instead, I’ll choose what I believe is the BEST possible question at the start of every month, and devote my life to it for 30 days.

My goal is to hold my energy and focus on the question with literally every breath. I’m curious to see how a single, dominant thought shapes both my experience and my identity.

It might be good. It might be not-so-good. But I’ll never know unless I try.

The Question of the Month for April 2018:

How do I live joyfully every moment?

If you’re asking yourself similar questions, join the journey, and be sure to say Hi on Facebook or InstagramComments? Questions? Please let me know.