The Great Affirmations Experiment: Chapter 1


What is the Great Affirmation Experiment?

If someone told you that you could change your life with one sentence, would you believe them?  Even if they ranted and raved about the power of affirmations and how they can help you achieve your wildest dreams, you’d still be skeptical.

Unless you had proof.

I’m just as skeptical as anyone else about affirmations.  Self-help gurus often rave about how affirmations altered their lives, but they always talk about them in hindsight.  

What if you got to see an affirmation succeed or fail in real time?

That’s the aim of the Great Affirmations Experiment.  I’m assembling a group of people with varying goals to help shine some light on the mystery.  How much is psychology?  How much is luck?  And how much is something else?

Here’s the plan:

Every person who joins the experiment will get a pseudonym.  No one will know these individuals identities except me. This ensures the results stay relatively untainted (i.e. no one can argue anyone got special treatment or extra publicity).

I’ll post a brief bio of each participant, along with the exact words of their personal affirmation. I’ll also post a questionnaire including why they want to achieve their chosen goal, how they plan to do it, etc.  Once they agree to read the statement twice a day, it’s game on.

That’s it! They’ll receive no coaching, no encouragement, and no help.  This is the minimum effective dose.

Imagine if there was one physical exercise that would keep your body in great shape.  Imagine it cost no money, required no special equipment, and you could do it right in you own home.  And imagine it only took 30 seconds a day.  You’d be certain to do it, right?

Affirmations might just be that exercise, but instead of shaping your body, they shape your life.  

Let’s find out together.

If you’d like to join the journey and share your affirmation and story with others, please do.  I plan to write about people I know personally so I’ll know if they’re being honest. But if you have a particularly amazing story or goal, I might be willing to break my rule.  Send me a message on facebook and let me know.  I promise to keep it 100% confidential. 

I’ll post an update as soon as I get more confirmations from the people I’m recruiting.

If you’re interested in hearing more, join my Affirmations newsletter below and I’ll email you the update as soon as I have it.

Here’s to an amazing 2017!Whether you’re joining in the experiment, or watching from the sidelines, I hope you’ll learn something about yourself and others.



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3 years ago

Hello The Unknown,

I first heard about the power of affirmations last year, and tried. I guess you can say I reached my goal. But yet I don’t know how much is owed to the “Universe”, luck or the amount of work I put in out of fear and desperation.
I tried again “for fun” with an affirmation I didn’t really believe in because of how unrealistic it was. And still, I got what I wanted! It was much smaller than what I had expected, mind you. So I’m still sceptical about the concept…

I was wondering do you believe one can have several affirmations for different goals at the same time?

I like the idea of your Great Affirmation Experiment. Will you be joining in the experiment and posting about your progress?

Looking forward to your next articles

The Unknown
The Unknown
3 years ago
Reply to  Dia

Hi Dia,

I do believe one can have multiple affirmations at the same time, but this can cause them to lose psychological potency.

For example, if someone were to say, 1) “I am going to make one million dollars this year,” and also 2) “I am going to visit 10 different countries this year,” then there might be a time when #1 and #2 are forced to compete against one another. Example: “If I go on that trip, I won’t be able to work as much on my business.”

Alternatively, if the desire for both is powerful enough, one might be able to figure out how to make 1 million dollars WHILE traveling, but those cases are extremely rare.

For me personally, I always have multiple goals (a financial goal, a physical goal, a personal goal, a relationship goal), but only ONE affirmation. The affirmation goal is the leader of the pack, so if there’s ever a time when my other goals conflict with my affirmation goal, I always know which one to choose.

I hope that helps, Dia! If you’d like to join in the affirmation experiment, I’d love to hear your story. Feel free to message me on the Contact page or on Facebook.

Thanks for writing!

~ U