Brain Workout

Quickie: Treat Your Mind Like Your Body

“Quickies” are short but satisfying bursts of wisdom in under two minutes.  Everyone understands two simple rules of the human body: Eating healthy food is better than eating junk food. Eat…

Seed 2

The SExIER Curve: The Seed and The Gardener

If you haven't read about "The S.Ex.I.E.R Curve," please do, because the following story will make a lot more sense. The SExIER Curve has huge implications for anyone doing the Affirmations Experim…

Self Understand 2

Self-Understanding: Because Self-Help (Often) Sucks

I've never liked the terms “self-help” and “self-improvement.”  Both bring too much baggage and too many unanswered questions, the most common being: Is this author really qualified to tell me what’s …