The Joyful Journey: Brainwashing Myself for the Good of the Universe

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Brainwashing gets a bad rap. Reprogramming sounds better, but they mean the same thing:

Forcing someone, against their will, to stop acting one way and start acting another.

So yeah, I’m going to brainwash myself. You may be asking how could I do something against my own will? I’ll explain.

In my head, there’s at least two of me: the “Now” me, and the “Future” me. 

The Future me is the better person. He’s kinder, funnier, and in better shape. He has more money, more friends, and more confidence. He’s charitable, easy going, and fun. He’s a smiley, likable fella. 

But I’m afraid I’ll never meet him.

So that’s what the whole brainwashing / reprogramming thing is about:

I want to turn the Future me into the Now me.

The goal is to trick the Now me into doing all the good things the Future me does. I’ve successfully reprogrammed myself before (cold showers, for example), but it was always for personal reasons.

This time, I’m going to brainwash myself for the good of the Universe.

Too dramatic? Maybe. But the way I see it, every human being is their own Universe. When two people’s universes collide, there’s either going to be harmony or discord.

I prefer harmony.

My goal is to become the most harmonious human being I can be, so if your universe meets mine, we’ll both be good. 🙂

This month I’m going to focus all my energy and effort upon a single question:

“How do I live joyfully this moment?”

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I’m not a very joyful person. I’ve struggled with anger, depression, and laziness. Fans of my poetry page might be surprised to hear this because the stuff I post is usually light, playful, and hopefully inspiring.

But that’s because I don’t share the bad stuff. I write it; I just keep it to myself. The world has enough anger. Why throw a matchstick into a bonfire?

I’m trying to be better. And I’m seeing progress! Hopefully this will accelerate the process.

I’m going to repeat the question “How do I live joyfully this moment?” literally every moment for 30 days, and share anything valuable I find along the way. I see it like this:

If I stay joyful this moment, I’ll always be joyful in the future.

Because this moment is the only moment that exists.

The brain is a good thing. Washing is a good thing too. But “brainwashing” sounds bad, so let’s call it something better.

In my case, “Brainwashing” = Brain Bathing.

I’m going to give my brain a bath. I’m going to let it relax in the tub, and gently scrub away some of the dirt.

I think it’ll do us both good. 🙂

brainwashing brain bathing

~ JJ Bitters

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